Rolfs Global is planning to set a new standard for luxury with the development in Dubai of the first seven star salon and spa complex in the world. This unique and ambitious project demands innovative design, unsurpassed features, and a highly experienced international project-management team. Breaking from the traditional spa and salon model, the establishment will integrate an InnerSphere-MindSpa component - helping people feel, think, and sleep better. A hospitality academy will train international staff.

Dubai New Concept Salon

Having established one of the most intense hair design education systems in the country, the Rolfs Academy system takes motivated stylists who have already proven themselves highly competent in their initial training and transforms them into confident, world-class artists. Both exceptional education and the initial selection of quality staff are the foundation of a healthy, modern business that seeks to enhance existing talent and continuously perfect ways of effectively channeling both effort and creativity towards exceptional goals.

Advanced Academy

ThirdSpace will be the first high-tech spa-like environment dedicated to the enhancement of mental, emotional, and physiological performance within a beautiful, elegant facility. ThirdSpace blends the essence of ancient wisdom with the best of modern science. By utilizing cutting-edge tools such as ultra-tech decompression pods and advanced brainwave enhancement, together with techniques chosen from the fields of biofeedback, sports psychology and advanced meditation practices, ThirdSpace aims to help people recharge and rebalance.

Third Space Mind Spa

With extensive resources and experience in the design, construction, and management of high-end salons, retail, office and other commercial spaces, Rolfs Global is in a unique position to offer projects a competitive edge in any marketplace. The Global Design Concept is both an extension of Rolf Lohse's talent and success in salon design, runway and fashion-show management, as well as design projects ranging from clothing to furniture -all with a blend of European style and American practicality.

Global Design Concept

Rolfs Global’s Hamburg-based fashion house was founded on the principle that a garment of exceptional quality must strike the perfect balance between form and function, integrating seamlessly with the wearer’s lifestyle. From suits to stilettos, The House of Tech Couture is committed to continuously seeking the best materials and technologies available from around the world, so as to achieve the perfect balance between scientifically developed and natural products and provide unparalleled levels of flexibility, elegance, and style.

Munich House of Tech Couture

Advanced media innovations, such as in-salon interactive entertainment, online product and service education, and cutting-edge rich-media content, increase customer satisfaction and long-term loyalty and play a critical role in Rolfs Global’s vision. An in-house music and video production team is busy perfecting new techniques in management analysis, consulting, and client services as well as continuing the tradition of creating spectacular live shows. From the runways of Fashion Week to the demanding precision of celebrity and charity events, Rolfs Media maintains a powerful talent pool of writers, performers, and technicians, driven by the goal of being the best in the business.

Rolfs Media

Franciscan missionaries planted vineyards in Arizona nearly 100 years earlier than the Spanish did in California. Although the industry was eclipsed by the Prohibition, the first modern vineyard was re-established in 1973. Today, with hundreds of planted acres, and because of its rich soils and favorable growing seasons, Arizona is poised to become a dominant player in the US and global wine markets. The Sedona Red Canyon Winery will continue Rolfs Global’s commitment to a modern, ultra-premium lifestyle. Feasibility studies have also begun for the development of world-class resort, spa, and wellness amenities that will meet the needs and expectations of international travelers.

Sedona Red Canyon Winery

Rolfs Global is proud to introduce the new Euro concept salon to the US market. Based on the European principles of specialization in haircutting or coloring, coupled with advanced continuous education, Rolfs Euro delivers the ultimate client experience and results through professional mastery and commitment to excellence. By allowing each artist to choose, express and focus on their true passion of coloring or haircutting, our clients enjoy the absolute highest level of personalized service through meticulously crafted individualized looks.

Euro Concept Salon

As proven specialists in the salon and spa management industry, Rolfs Global invites new investment partners to join us in several large and unique ventures. We see management as the intelligent flow of resources and information that get things done -with people, resources, and environments. Shifting markets, climates, and demands in an increasingly global landscape make intelligent growth a necessity for long term survival and Rolfs Global can help craft strategies that contribute to overall fiscal health and brand integrity.

Marketing & Management Strategy

At Rolfs Global we believe that achieving the balance between price negotiation and partnership requires six organizational capabilities: modeling total cost; creating sourcing strategies; building and sustaining supplier relationships; integrating the supply web; leveraging supplier innovation; and evolving a global supply base. By linking change programs to pragmatic, analytic, data-driven strategies, Rolfs Global ensures that new initiatives are both feasible and sustainable. Change offers both positive and negative potential, however it is how this potential is harnessed that determines the health and sustainability of an organization.

Global Distribution & Resourcing